Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FunFarm Caption

last years i did some captions for fun farm series at  Ladybird animation studio with support of Rasoul shiri   ...for me , such as great experience to work with him .he did main design and  i pushed it on my way ... honestly i just tried to change his style a bit.and  never floated myself in any other idea because I was sure to his works....anyways here is some stuffs that we did and wish you enjoy it .you can also see fun farm trailer on here : http://ladybirdco.com/uploads/videos/fun_farm.mp4

Friday, June 3, 2016

Annunciation butterfly

here is some concept of little caterpillar character that i did for my short film.It's a three minute film about the  story of a little caterpillar who could not be butterfly…but in fact he has other essence in himself which  being so virtuous and holy.....Now I’ m so sorry that  I can't disclose it more.....this day in my free time....,.I spend only  for finishing the reel  and  i try to develop his character  position.…and at the end i just say it…. that I wish bring to an end  it soon :)