Tuesday, September 30, 2014


(base on "The fire-worshiper" novelette of Sadegh Hedayat )
Marker on cardboard

Friday, September 26, 2014

" Happy Birthday Hamshari Bacheha "

today, i spent  all my time for desingning new illustration of "Hamshari Bacheha"  magazine  .although is not my first time that participate with journal of child but it first experience with  a professional weekly magazine ...that  is my big chance  because this week they want hold birthday party of magazine and i  do to  anniversary version   also they want to do some funny character base on some questioning  of author and poet of magazine that born in same week of magazine .
Now i want share my happenss with Hamshari Bacheha magazine
" Happy Birthday Hamshari Bacheha and all poet ، author and illustrator of this magazine that born  in same  time "

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Opening of my exhibithion

at 2 august my solo illustration exhibition ,"khan baji ", being opened in iranian cartoon house . that it was great experience for me to know How i could be better and How i could choose my truth way with accuracy and frenzy .
I do thankfulness of everybody that came on my exhibition and special thanks of iranian  cartoon house that let me to hold my exhibitions on there and also my master mr. Rakhtaala for aided me on this project .
at the end i gratitude my parents for everything that they did for me.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


This is selected illustration of my ''THE KHAN BAJI" serie that in trueness i tried to created some of Ghazarian women character with different appearance and exclusivity in variety pose whit free atmosphere.

all of this selection has been show in iranian cartoons house gallery since 2 August and will be continue untill 7 August.
(all work done with technic of acrylic on canvas in 40* 40 size

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"THE KHAN BAJI " my illustration exhibition at iranian cartoon house


An illustration exhibition by Mohammad Babakoohi
2 August - 5 August 2014 Time: 9 A.M – 17 P.M ( except of holiday ) – Thursday 9 A.M -13 P.M Address : Tehran, Shariati street , Hemat highway ,West gole nabi avenues , Next of shahid ahmadi roshan (ketabi ) square , Number 44
Poster desinger : Amir Sedaghati


That the women separated from  their time and place and summoned at the enclosed space, only ornate the decorations and the unknown source of light , like dusty room with unbounded space.Infinite, but enclosed . smoothen  surface of the memories and lives of a generation that has been forgotten .women that dressed period of history are thought to be impossible for them to imagine beautifully. but what is it that ,we are trying to refuse them but This curtain painter looked from a different perspective.He created their appearance with exaggerated features  and created a new character with showing together everyone with her working  to address it . It seems that every painting is a photograph of a human being to engage in their favorite act , like playing an instrument,a part of everyday life that we feel, like brewing and drinking a cup of hot tea or even  youth pose front of the camera to show their differences.the painter search beauty in other aspects of his personality .he  invites us  to watch them with setting  the device around his personage whom he creates his character.Such self are forced  to look for himself ,To search for an obscure thing  but refused . childhood innocence, maternal innocence and while your looking  pull over  all  the dust from the picturest, you ask: "Is not this beautiful?" ...


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


. When i woke up of winter sleep it was too late
, than Spring collected her toys luggage and turned on her shoulders away .
When i woke up of  sleep it was too much late
, than Goldfish fall into the habit whit azure color of the pool and Miss Sunshine " say hello to summer "
... .
It was too late but  i was sleeping again
I return to my bed  perhaps  don`t oversleep for next year.
Happy Noroz :D